In Bjæverskov there are 20 big companies and some shopping centre ones. There are all kinds, from factories to ordinary shops.

Some of the biggest companies in Bjæverskov are:

- Nutana A/S

- William Cook Europe A/S

- Mita Denmark A/S

- A-post A/S

- Hp Entreprenørmaskiner A/S


In 1973 the first shop in the shopping centre started. There are now 15 stores in the shopping centre, and there is a project about an enlargement where there is going to be another 825 m2 retail shop.

In the shopping centre there is the following stores:


In 1974 2tal started in Bjæverskov, and at present time is it the only radio and tv store in Bjæverskov. 2tal sells and repairs all kinds of radio and tv products. 2tal also puts up antenna and satellite dishes. 2tal have open Monday - Saturday, and they have 3 employees.

Super Brugsen:

In 1885 the first shop in Bjæverskov started, that was Brugsen. Brugsen was also the first shop in the shopping centre. Brugsen sells normal staples, textiles and hardware. Brugsen have 17 halftime employees and 6 fulltime employees.

Brugsen are open Monday to Saturday.


Unibank started in Bjæverskov in 1973. Unibank is a service company, providing all kind of banking business to the local population.

Unibank is open Monday to Friday 9.30 p.m.-16.00 a.m. and Thursday to 18.00 a.m.

Den Danske Bank:

This bank started in 1973 in Bjæverskov, and they have 6 employees. They also take care of all things within the banking business.


Den Ny Bager:

The baker started in the shopping centre the 04. Feb. 1999. The baker makes all kind of bred and cakes. They have 15 halftime employees.

The baker is open all week except Monday.

Biosthetik-Coiffure Fashion:

The hairdresser started the 01. July. 1994. They have 3 employees, and they have open 5 days a week.

LK Super Best:

They started in 1983, LK is a retail shop. LK have 15 employees and have an annual turnover of 30 mill. kr. They have open all days a week except Sunday. LK is member of Denmark’s largest grocery-owned supermarket chain - Super Best.

There are also other shops in the shopping centre:

A paint dealer, a post office, a florist, a chiropodist, a pharmacy, a co-operative housing society, a wine bar, a pizzeria.

Side 3:

There are also other companies in Bjæverskov:

William Cook Europe A/S:

Cook is the largest company in Bjæverskov. Cook started in 1978. Cook makes medical products. They have about 400 employees, and have an annual turnover of 100 They work all days a week.

Nutana A/S:

Nutana is the first still living factory in Bjæverskov, they started in 1898 in Skodsborg and later moved to Bjæverskov. They make breakfast products and dinner accompaniment, ecological and normal. In whole 1998 hat Nutana an annual turnover of 60

They work 5 days a week.


Mita started in 1985. Mita sells Xerox machines and telefax machines. They have 15 employees, and work all days a week except weekends.

Hp Entreprenørmaskiner:

They started their company in Bjæverskov in 1981. Hp Entreprenørmaskiner sells contractor machines. They have 24 employees.


A-Post started their department in Bjæverskov in 1993. A-Post is a distribution company. They have 10 functionary employees, 12 salaried employees and 36 haulage contractors. They have open 24 hours a day from Monday to Saturday.

A-Post is presently engaged in a project about a large expansion.


Byggekram started in 1973 in Bjæverskov. Byggekram sells and produces building materials. They have 5 employees. Byggekram has an annual turnover of 10 mill. kr. They have open 6 days a week, but only from 9 to 13 on Saturdays.


Statoil started their fuel station in 1994. Statoil sells petrol and oil and all kind of staples. They have 19 employees, and they are open all days a week.